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Forced Order
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CharacterRelationship with...
Susan's Husband
Susan's 1st Husband
Susan's Date/Edie's Contractor
Susan's Doctor Boyfriend
Susan's British Fiancee
Susan's Canadian Boyfriend
Gabrielle's Husband
Gabrielle's Teenage Gardener
Gabrielle's Date - Carlos' Rival
Gabrielle's Stalker
Gabrielle's Date - Zach's Employee
Gabrielle's Pageant Dad Date
Gabrielle's 2nd Husband
Bree's 1st Husband
Bree's Pharmacist Boyfriend
Bree's College Fiancee
Bree's AA Sponsor Boyfriend
Bree's 2nd Husband
Bree's Lover During 2nd Marriage
Bree's Younger Boyfriend
Bree's Detective Boyfriend
Bree's 3rd Husband
Lynette's Husband
Lynette's Manager Love Interest
Lynette's Hair Stylist Date
Lynette's Date - Tom's Boss
Edie's 1st Husband
Edie's 2nd Husband
Edie's Date - Contractor
Edie's Fiancee - Susan's Ex
Edie's Amnesiac Boyfriend - Susan's Ex
Edie's Boyfriend - Gabrielle's Ex
Edie's Drunken Flirtation - Bree's Ex
Edie's 3rd Husband
Katherine's 1st Husband
CharacterRelationship with...
Katherine's 2nd Husband
Katherine's Date - Orson's Prison Buddy
Katherine's Boyfriend - Susan's Ex
Katherine's Girlfriend
Julie's 1st Boyfriend
Julie's 2nd Boyfriend
Julie's Older College Boyfriend
Julie's Married Man
Julie's Baby Daddy
Danielle's 1st Love
Danielle's Murderous Boyfriend
Danielle's Baby Daddy
Danielle's Husband
Andrew's 1st Boyfriend
Andrew's Husband
Andrew's Lover/Moronic Employee
Andrew's Fiancee
Mike's Wife
Mike's Ex-Girlfriend - Deceased
Mike's Lying Girlfriend
Mike's Psychotic Girlfriend
Carlos' Wife
Carlos' Nun
Carlos' Mistress/Surrogate/Maid
Carlos' Girlfriend
Carlos' Ex-Girlfriend/Co-Worker
Orson's 1st Wife
Orson's Lover
Orson's 2nd Wife
Orson's Girlfriend
Tom's Wife
Tom's Ex-Girlfriend/Co-Worker
Tom's Baby Mama
Tom's Affair - Lynette's Friend
Tom's Girlfriend
CharacterRelationship with...
Ana's Boyfriend
Porter's Married Woman
Porter's Baby Mama
Preston's Russian Fiancee
Danny's Girlfriend
Karl's 1st Wife
Karl's Girlfriend
Karl's Fiancee
Karl's Married Lover
Karl's 2nd Wife
Paul's 1st Wife
Paul's 2nd Wife
Rex's Wife
Rex's Hooker Housewife
Karen's 1st Husband
Karen's 2nd Husband
Renee's Ex-Husband
Renee's Date - Bree's Ex
Renee's Ex Lover - Lynette's Husband
Renee's Husband
Bob Hunter's Partner
Lee McDermott's Partner
Stella Wingfield's Gay Husband
Stella Wingfield's Rich Husband
John Rowland's Married Lover
John Rowland's High School Girlfriend
John Rowland's Older Married Lover
John Rowland's Wife
Sophie Bremmer's Husband
Sophie Bremmer's Ex Married Lover
Ian Hainsworth's Fiancee
Ian's Wife - deceased
Nick Bolen's Wife
Nick Bolen's Mistress

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