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Can you name the people or things from season 2 of Trailer Park Boys?

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Where's the first place The Boys go when they get out of jail at the beginning of season two?
What's the name of the plan Julian comes up with when they get out of jail?
What's the name of the mall cop?
Who did Lahey run against for Trailer Park Supervisor?
Where does Ricky decide to grow his dope?
What do The Boys feed Sam before his ATPS speech?
What's smarter than Cory and Trevor?
Who played the part of Treena?
What are the names of the Bible Pimp and his daughter?
What does Lahey call jail?
Ricky says 'That's like asking NWA to stop being _____.'
Who gets kicked out of Ricky's Grade 10 testing?
What's the name of the porno J-Roc films Bubbles and Sam in?

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