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Can you name the people or things from season 1 of Trailer Park Boys?

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Who did Cyrus get his gun from?
He's a member of J-roc and T's crew.
He's the other member of J-Roc and T's crew.
Who helps get the s***mobile started in its first onscreen appearance?
Who's the hydroponic store owner?
How many times is too many 'Know what I'm sayin'?'
What's the name of J-Roc's first porn?
Who is Julian's Grandmother?
What is the name of Julian's Grandmother's dog?
What's is the name of Levi's wife?
What does Sam want as part of payment to fix Julian's Grandmother's dog and take a bullet out of Ricky's rear end?
What's the name of the sound man the boys drop off at the hospital after he's shot?
What's the name of Julian's girlfriend he meets at the bank?
What's the 'first thing to go' on shopping carts?
What is Ricky's name in J-Roc's first porno?
What is Bubbles's name in J-Roc's first porno?

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