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Can you name the anime characters by discription?

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random hintcharacterextra hint for the hard ones
lost the sheath to her legendary weapon
immortal witch, likes pizza
wears glasses, pilots robots, occasionally goes berserk
has horns, strips to fight, and enjoys Rrrrrulllllllesrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuulllllllles
wears a comical mask and is rooted to a cityhas a child with ocd
has a screw in his head, enjoys dissection
has a screw in her head, enjoys medical practicenot anime but manga
has wings and is a weapon of heaven, likes watermelons
'The Ultimate Noble Phantasm that I ______ possess, Ionioi Hetairoi!'the man likes his army
Vespa Woman
random hintcharacterextra hint for the hard ones
Mutant girl with pink hair
teenage boy who frequently bleeds in search of candyhas a white haired sidekick
has a spear that automatically pierces the heartvery very blue, has terrible luck
kills a tank with a sword and a grenade
likes his bayonets shiny and his vampires dead
Chinese Electric Batman
repeatedly rips off his own arm to fight a giant evil clown
Lolicon priest who is more into killing than praying
Alien Princess, her inventions tend to blow up for make someone naked
Overcompensates for his missing arm with a cannon and sword

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