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This 'Freddy' flick stars Patricia Arquette
Andy Barclay returns in this installment of a famous horror franchise
Stephen King hates this adaptation, but its considered a classic
This movie marks Ewan McGregor's first starring role
Keifer Sutherland and Sandra Bullock star in the remake of this
Takashi Miike's romance gone wrong
Jennifer Anniston early career film
The after credits of this film have Johnny Depp singing ''Shortnin' Bread'
A William Shatner mask is featured in this flick
The first 'Jason' with Kane Hodder
considered to be the worst movie ever
Horror Franchise Hodder also stars in
Annelynne McCord uglied herself up for the star role in this flick
Considered to be the best movie Hitchcock never made
Considered to be Dario Argento's materpiece

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