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Can you name the answer to the clue, using five letters from the word SLATED?

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Word ClueAnswer
Broad valleys, but don't let Roy hear you call her that.
Dark brown fruit, Sandler had fifty before you.
Distributes in orderly rotation, not to be confused with pickles.
Include a new card player, or he who smelt it.
Triangular sediment, possibly of the Burke variety.
Cause to go with, reason the top dog doesn't smell butt.
Smallest in amount, my favorite path of resistance.
Word ClueAnswer
Satisfied desire or appetite, took standardized test?
Fine-grained metamorphic rock, could i get a clean one, please?
No longer fresh, could describe my jokes.
Take without permission, what LEN did to sunshine.
Carved stone slab or pillar, or Brando's Desire, kinda?
Series of events, dead men won't come off them.
SI unit of magnetic flux density, now play Love Song!

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