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Can you name the countries that contain these biggest structures in the world?

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Tallest Building
Biggest Building (floor space)
Biggest Building (usable volume)
Tallest Radio/TV Antenna
Tallest Hotel
Biggest Casino
Largest Residential Palace
Largest Religious Structure
Tallest Christian Church
Biggest Christian Church (area)
Tallest Mosque/Minaret
Biggest Synagogue
Biggest Mosque (area)
Biggest Buddhist Temple
Biggest Mausoleum
Largest Dam
Longest Bridge
Tallest Bridge
Longest Tunnel (rail)
Longest Tunnel (road)
Largest Wooden Structure
Largest Shopping Mall
Largest Amusement/Theme Park
Largest Waterpark (Indoor)
Biggest Swimming Pool
Tallest Fountain
Tallest Indoor Waterfall (under construction)
Largest Art Museum (gallery space)
Largest Art Museum (visitors)
Largest Sporting Venue (capacity)
Largest Stadium (capacity)
Biggest Commercial Airport (area)
Biggest Commercial Airport (passengers)
Largest Military Base (personnel)
Biggest Tent
Biggest Sphere
Tallest Statue
Longest Stairway
Deepest Mine
Biggest Factory

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