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Can you name the actors of the 80's by role?

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Farmer TedSixteen Candles
RalphieA Christmas Story
Bud DavisUrban Cowboy
Cassandra EldridgeOne Crazy Summer
John MerrickElephant Man
Gordon GekkoWall Street
Jake LaMottaRaging Bull
Seth BrundleThe Fly
Dean YoungbloodYoungblood
WestleyThe Princess Bride
Stefen Djordjevic All the Right Moves
Earl KeeseNeighbors
Marty McFlyBack to the Future
Barbara MaitlandBeetlejuice
Cousin EddieVacation
Amanda JonesSome Kind of Wonderful
John BenderBreakfast Club
Tony MontanaScarface
Indiana JonesIndiana Jones Trilogy
Ace MerrillStand By Me
Luke SkywalkerEmpire Strikes Back/Return of the Jedi
Marge SweetwaterBack to School
Dr. Egon SpenglerGhostbusters
Steff McKeePretty In Pink
ConanConan series
Pvt. PyleFull Metal Jacket
Edgar FrogLost Boys
Jack TorranceShining
Lord Dark HelmetSpaceballs
Snake PlisskenEscape from New York
Ferris BuellerFerris Buellers Day Off
Tess McGillWorking Girl
Adrian CronauerGood Morning Vietnam
Charles De MarBetter Off Dead
Jessica Rabbit (acting voice)Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Billy the KidBlaze of Glory
Dewey 'Ox' OxbergerStripes
Claire StandishBreakfast Club
Willard HewittFootloose
Chris ChambersStand By Me
Ponyboy CurtisThe Outsiders
Alexandra 'Alex' ForrestFatal Attraction
Raymond BabbittRainman
Inigo MontoyaThe Princess Bride
Jack Cates48 Hours
Janey GlennGirls Just Wanna Have Fun
Daniel LaRussoKarate Kid
Vern TessioStand By Me
Zack MayoOfficer and a Gentleman
George HendersonHarry and the Hendersons
Luis Alberto MolinaKiss of the Spider Woman
Mr. MiyagiKarate Kid
Lydia DeetzBeetlejuice
Jimmy SwaggartGreat Balls of Fire
Dr. Tyrone C. BergerOrdinary People
Principal RooneyFerris Bueller
Robert 'Boogie' SheftellDiner
Principal VernonBreakfast Club
Rocky BalboaRocky IV
Jake TaylorMajor League
Ellen GriswoldVacation
Lane MeyerBetter Off Dead
Stroker AceStroker Ace
Private Chris TaylorPlatoon
Louden SwainVision Quest
Mikey WalshGoonies
LindermanMy Bodyguard
Blane McDonoughPretty In Pink
Axel FoleyBeverly Hills Cop
StephanieShort Circuit
Clark GriswoldVacation
Tex McCormickTex
Cadet Carey MahoneyPolice Academy
Johnny LawrenceKarate Kid
Thornton MeltonBack to School
Gordie LachanceStand By Me
Emma MoriartyMurphys Romance
Antonio SalieriAmadeus
Ellen RipleyAliens
Laurence 'Shrevie' SchreiberDiner
Coach NickersonAll the Right Moves
John McClaneDie Hard
Jerry Lee LewisGreat Balls of Fire
ButtercupThe Princess Bride
Boolie WerthanDriving Miss Daisy
Ted 'Theodore' LoganBill and Ted
Crash DavisBull Durham
PVT TripGlory
Gunnery Sergeant HartmanFull Metal Jacket
Jordan MooneyCocktail
Ren McCormackFootloose
Mad MaxMad Max
Jonathan 'Johnny' KellyJohnny Dangerously
Cadet Major Brian MorelandTaps
Dr. VenkmanGhostbusters
Delia DeetzBeetlejuice
Michael O'BrienBad Boys
Eugene Morris JeromeBrighton Beach Memoirs
SissyUrban Cowboy

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