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This guy is a liar, from a certain point of view.VI
There is another Skywalker. And its a girl. Obi Wan should have known this as he was there.III, V, VI
Han did not get the Falcon off the NEW lot, but rather won it from.....V
This is the where all the Stormtroopers are from.II
The Separatists were planning to build this ultimate weapon.II
So his buddy had his mind wiped, and he did not so he must have been involved all along. III
Wow. Killing off this main character in the middle of the film took some gonads.IV
He was such a 'caring' politician and took great interest in Anakin's career.I
Vader decided he could not allow his son to get bar-b-qued the way the this Jedi did.III
So they are brother and sister. That kiss was kind of weird in retrospect.III, VI
Not the best father figure. First trying to shoot down his son then cuts off Luke's hand. IV & V
He adopted Leia and made her a Princess. That explains it. III
He is the unaltered clone of a bounty hunter.II
This planet did not turn into Dagobah as many fans theorized.III
They are clones. Well that was their origin.II & IV
The mighty Empire could not beat these 'teddy bears'?VI
The Empire tests the ultimate battlestation on this peace loving planet.IV
So your telling me he has no father. So I guess no one to pay child supportI
So the father and the son grew up on this desert.I & IV
Darth Vader lost his legs and an arm on this planet, and it was not Vegas.III
So it is nothing more than bacteria in a Jedi or Sith blood?I
Leia finally realizes she loves this scoundrel. We ALL knew.V
Now we know why he is the Uncle to Luke; Anakins step brother.II
He 'cared' so much about the galaxy he used a war to consolidate power.III
Some dads build bikes for their kids, Anakin built a droid his kid got a few years later.I
Lucky for him there seems to be no domestic violence laws in the Star Wars universe, since he used the Force Choke on his wife. III
We thought Yoda did all the training of Obi - Wan, but this Jedi did most of the work.I
He knew Yoda years prior to aiding Obi Wan getting to the Death Star.III & IV
First they killed his grandmother, then about 20 years tried to kill Luke.II & IV
Once trained by Yoda, then he trained Qui Gon before leaving the OrderII

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