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Can you name the different type of snakes based on the clue?

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TypesSnakePrimary Locales; status
Jameson, Green, BlackAfrica; extremely deadly
Spotted, Eastern, Ringed, GwarderAustralia; extremely deadly
Black, MainlandAustralia; deadly
Andean, Common, San Lucia, BrazillianSouth America; deadly
Yellow, Red, Trans-pecosWorld; non venomous
Western, Eastern, Mojave, Rock, PrairieAmericas; deadly
Eastern, Arizona, FalseNorth America, Africa; deadly
Common, Desert, Pilbara, Rough - scaledEastern hemisphere; deadly
Red - tailed, Green tree, Emerald greenCentral and South America; non venomous but still can be deadly
Common, Sri Lankan, Banded, BlackAsia; extremely deadly
Dusty, Western, Eastern, Southern, Americas; non venomous
TypesSnakePrimary Locales; status
Southern, Broad - banded, Osage, NorthernNorth America; venomous
Reticulated, Burmese, RockAfrica; non venomous but still can be deadly
Black - headed, Elegant, Yellow - bellied, BeakedEastern hemisphere; extremely toxic venom
Spitting, King, Shield-nosedAsia, Africa; deadly
Puff, Berg, HornedAfrica; deadly
East African, West AfricanAfrica; extremely deadly
Scarlet, California, Eastern, PrairieWorld; non venomous
Inland, Coastal, PapuanAustralia; kiss your ass good bye deadly
Florida, Eastern, WesternNorth America; venomous
Green, Yellow, Dark - spottedSouth America; non venomous but can be deadly

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