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Costars Character NameFilmYear
Dottie Hinson, Helen Haley, Doris Murphy1992
Freddie Bauer, Madison, Dr. Ross1984
Lotso, Ken, Rex2010
Fred Haise, Ken Mattingly, FD Gene Krantz1995
Shades, Jimmy, Faye, Wolfman1996
Jenny, Bubba, Lt. Dan, Momma1994
Lt. Mark Rumsfield, Art Weingartner, Carol Peterson1989
TS Mike Horvath, PFC Reiban, PFC Ryan1998
Taliban, Joanne Herring, Doc Long2007
Debbie Thompson, Jay ONiell, Stan Gassko1984
DeDe, Volcano1990
Amelia Warren, The Louve, Silas2006
Chief Howard Hyde, Hooch, Emily Carson1989
Frank Abagnale, Brenda Strong, Jack Barnes2002
Joe Friday, Bill Gannon, The Virgin1987
Costars Character NameFilmYear
Max Basner, Elaine Basner, Charlie Gargas1986
Buzz, Sid, Andy1995
Amy Jensen, Marvin, Lt. Len Gamble1980
Tom Tuttle, Beth Wexler, Chung Mee1985
Jessie, Buzz, Bo Peep1999
Brutus Howell, John Coffey, Wild Bill1999
Billy, Lenny, Hero Boy, Santa Claus2004
Wilson, Stan, Kelly Frears2000
Bart, Homer, Arnold, Marge2007
Annie Reed, Walter, Becky, Jonah Baldwin1993
Joe Miller, Charles Wheeler, Miguel Alvarez1993
Anna Crowley Beissart, The Maestro, Art Shirk1986
Susan Lawrence, MacMillan, Paul Davenport1988
Amelia Warren, Frank Dixon, Dolores Torres2004
Lilah Krytsick, John Krytsick, Romeo1988

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