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DescriptionWrestler, manager, or teamEvent
Took on Gary Hart as a manager then Superkicked friend Kevin Von ErichWCCW programming
After HBK told him to stay home, he viciously attacked MichaelsWWF RAW
Beat down on Trish after Trish did not want to kiss her and broke her heartSaturday Nights Main Event
Slow build to heel status; whining and obsessed with the WHC; cemented villainous status with affair with LitaWWF programming
Joined the American Dream after Magnum TA was injuredWCW programming
Turned on his partner and mentor, Hardcore Holly and would become a LegacyNight of Champions
Turned after receiving a thumbs down from HHH but got some revenge by spitting in HHH faceWWF RAW
Turned face after getting tired of Ted Dibiases abuseWWF programming
Turned heel in a six man match after thinking Larry Oliver hit him with a trash canPortland wrestling
Turned face after being betrayed by Kevin Sullivans Army; wanted his gimmick to turn face as WWF champion years beforeChampionship Wrestling from Florida
Slow turn culminated with a beatdown by Lou Albano having no claim to his contract to be managerPipers Pit
After years of feuding with McMahon, decided to join himWrestlemania
One of many heel turns when a member of this team smashed Kerry Von Erichs head on a cage doorWCCW programming
Decided to pound on his brother, lose the tag titles, and join the n.W.o.SuperBrawl
Turned when the Original team came from AWA to challenge for the real nameWCW programming
Turned on his mentor, calls himself a Legend but is called Judas by othersWWF event
Was always cheered by some, but had an official run as a face after a beatdown from Terry FunkWrestleWar
The Legdrop heard round the WorldBash at the Beach
Wanted a WWF title shot, Joined Heenan; ripped Hogans cross from his chestPipers Pit
Left his partner, Tito Santana to receive a beatdown at the hands of Arn and Tully, became a ModelWrestleMania
Turned on Jericho to join with ChristianWrestlemania
He lied, cheated, and stole his way to many different turnsWWF, WCW programming
Censorship caused this Pimp to become an advocate of censoringWWF programming
Became Immortal when he chose the chair from Bischoff in a Triple Threat title matchBound for Glory
Turned on his partner to lose the tag titles to join the Four HorsemenWCW Saturday show
DescriptionWrestler, manager, or teamEvent
Saved Randy Savage and Elizabeth from Jake Roberts chair shotWWF Main Event
Became jealous of Elizabeths affection for Hulk HoganThe Main Event
Turned on Sting after Sting decided to challenge for the World titleClash of the Champions
Upset when his segment was replaced by Adrian Adonis' Flower ShopWWF syndicated programs
Slow turn as a result of growing respect for 1-2-3 Kid and being mocked by Ted DibiaseWWF RAW
Cashed in his money in the bank contract on Jeff Hardy, then started went on to mock Hardys personal demonsExtreme Rulz
Switch occurred because he started hating American fans cheering for Stone ColdWrestlemania
One of the few lawmen not to have a price for the Million Dollar ManBrother Love segment
Turned on HHH after wanting a title shot and after winning the Royal RumbleWWF RAW
Could not stand watching his brother being beat down by Jake RobertsWCW Saturday show (GCW)
Appeared to be tired of Bischoff, enlisted Samoa Joe for help then betrayed Samoa JoeBound for Glory
Turned by spearing Kevin Nash instead of Jeff JarrettGreat American Bash
Double crossed the Ultimate Warrior when he promised he would show him the DarksideWWF syndicated programs
Was turned face when the Hollywood Blondes splitWCW programming
Completed a turn by driving a steel spike in Dusty Rhodes eyesWCW Saturday show
Turned on his best friend, Hulk Hogan, to join the Faces of FearClash of Champions; Halloween Havoc
One of his many turns occurred after putting over the young talent then being attacked by Desmond WolfeTNA Impact
Finally turned face again after being slapped by Heenan after losing the tag titlesWrestlemania
Turned face after getting revenge on the Oustsiders for costing him the US title against Eddie GuerreroSouled Out
She joined the Corporation after turning on D-XWWF RAW
Appeared to take Arns 'spot' but then turned on the Horsemen to join the n.W.o.Fall Brawl
Was tired of being in Hogans shadow; Hogan would not take his phone callsFlower Shop, WWF syndicated programs
Played being a face just to sabotage Dusty Rhodes, then turned on Rhodes in a cage matchGeorgia wrestling
Joined Ric Flair after hitting Kurt Angle with the title beltGenesis
Turned after his wife helped him defeat Chris Benoit for the US titleWWF programming
Went off the deep end trying to avenge his brother, but was found out to be the culpritSummerslam
DescriptionWrestler, manager, or teamEvent
Turned when their manager turned on them in favor of Powers of PainSurvivor Series
Decided they were not going to be in the shadow of ImmortalImpact
One of his different turns occurred when he betrayed the Undertaker by hitting Taker with an urnSummerslam
One of the very few wrestlers to never turn heel; former NWA and IC championCareer in WWF, WCW, NWA, and WWE
Vanilla Ice of wrestling became a face by joining Kurt Angles team Survivor Series
Went from a face in WCW to a crossdressing heel in WWFWWF programming
Super kicked Marty Jannetty and then put Jannettys head through the glassBarber Shop
She betrayed Kane to join EdgeWWF RAW
Returned to WWF and went crazy; put the Chicken Crossface on Bret Hart and refused to let it goWWF syndicated programs
Turned on his brother costing him the World titleRoyal Rumble
Turned on his partner and Brother; is now a bullyTNA Impact
A victim of HBKs many betrayals, was superkicked by Michaels, thus losing the tag team titlesSurvivor Series
One of a few turns occurred after helping future brother in law against XPacWrestlemania
One of his many turns occurred after manhandling Rey Misterio and challenging Floyd MayweatherNo Way Out
Was annoyed at not being able to defeat Hulk Hogan thanks to Ric Flairs constant interferenceClash of the Champions
Finally started hearing cheers instead of Die_____ Die; but then decided to join the Nation of DominationMonday Night RAW
Tired of living in his brothers shadow, costs his brother the title by convincing their mother to throw in the towelSurvivor Series
Took a shot from Roddy Piper after receiving a gold record from Cyndi LauperWWF programming
Turned evil again by beating the hell out of Jim Ross and making Ross kiss the bosses assWWF RAW
Was double crossed by Eddie Gilbert in a match for the TV title against Terry TaylorUWF programming
Piper exposed him as an n.W.o. moleMonday Nitro
Slow turn after the Montreal Screwjob; became an evil bossWWF programming
Slow turn after being double crossed by Vince McMahon; had a multiple personality disorderWWF programming
Special commentator who turned by attacking Ric Flair after Flair defeated SteamboatWrestleWar
Refused to allow JJ Dillon to win a Bunkhouse Stampede matchBunkhouse Stampede

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