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name of the mean girl
name of the boy who dates jade
name of tori's older sister
name of robbie's talking puppet
name of the boy who's grandma is crazy
name of the girl with red hair
who sings the song freak the freak out?
name of the two boys who sing forever baby
name of the girl who sings chicago ,chicago
name of the school
in the episode stage fighting what was tori accused of hitting jade with?
who cut trine's harness in the episode 'who did it in trina'
in the episode of tori gets stuck how many pints of blood did tori have to give robbie?
in the episode freak the freak out what song did cat and jade sing?
in the episode tori the zombie what glue did cat use on tori's face?
in the episode diddly bops what song did robbie play on his guitar
in the episode begging on your knees what was the name of the guy tori dated

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