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QUIZ: Can you name the the longest dance moms quiz

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what is maddie's last name?_____gler
what is chloe's last name?___siak
what is brooke and paige's last name?hy____
what age was abby when she opened the aldc?_4
what is the name of abby's enemyshe goes against abby in dance competetions
what is the name of cathy's dance studio?
after chloe quit going to aldc where did she go?________19
what is chloe's little sister's name?
who is chloe's mom?
who is brooke and paige's mom?
who is nia's mom?
who is maddie and mackenzie's mom
who is peyton's mom?
what is abby lee miller's dog's name?broadway ____
who is abby's favorite dance of her team
which of the dancer of the aldc did a music video to chandelier by sia?
who won the joffery ballet school scholarship?
who was the cover of the magazine of dance track?
who is kendall's mom's name?
where is the candy apples dance center ?
what is the name of maddie and mckenzie's father?
who is vivi-anne's mom?
what dance did nia dance to that she wore a afro to?laqu___
who of the aldc did the solo cry?
what was the name of the group number the aldc did that the moms thought was inappropriate?
who did brooke used to date?
which two girls are homeschooled?
which dance mom is refered to the 'studiohopper?'
what two girls of the aldc have never forgotten a dance?
which of the dance moms have never cussed?
what does abby call cathy?referred to the movie the wizard of oz
what is abby's catch phrase?everyones ________
has maddie ever not been on the top of the pyramidyes or no question
what sport did brooke try out for?
who from the abby leee dance company has written the song summer love song?
which of the aldc dancer wrote the song its a girl party!?

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