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drakes brother is _______
drake and joshes little sisters name is ______
drake and joshes moms name is _________
drake and joshes dads name is _______
the names of drake and joshes friend that are nerds
joshes girlfriend is _________
the name of the teacher that hates drake is mrs. ________
who is joshes boss?
what is walter occupation?
who beat josh at the science fair?
what is the name of the drake and josh theme song?
megan always call drake and josh a b___
on the pilot episode of drake and josh what did josh wear to give good advice?
on the episode foam finger what item did megan throw at joshes head?
on the episode paging dr. drake what did drake throw at josh when he dropped the barbells?
in the episode the great doheny mr. doheny gave megan 500 dollars and gave drake and josh a _____
on the episode megans new teacher what did josh dress up as?
in the episode megans revenge what did drake and josh take from megans room?
in the episode the bet what color did drake and josh and walter and aubrey dye thier hair?
in the episode my dinner with bobo what color car did drake and josh have to buy?

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