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Can you name the dance moms ULTIMATE MINDBOGGLING TRIVIA?

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who is melissa's youngest daughter?
who is melissa's oldest daughter?
who is maddie and mackenzie's dad's name?
who is melissa's boyfriend?
who is kelly's youngest daughter's name?
who is kelly's oldest daughters name ?
who is brooke and paige's brother?
who is christi's daughter?
who is chloe's sister?
who is holly's daughter?
who is jill's daughter?
who is cathy's daughter?
what maddie's last name?(also mackenzies)
what is nia's last name?
what is kendall's last name?
what is paige and brooke's last name?
what is chloe's last name?
who is abby's favorite dancer?
who is mackenzie's favorite singer?
what does cathy's husband sell?
who performed the solo 'cry'?
who performed the solo 'metamorphosis?
who performed the solo ' tounge twister'?
who performed the solo 'baby mine'
who performed the solo 'bound'?
which of the aldc dancer is known for the death drop?
which of the dancer's did abby throw a chair at?
what is the name of cathy's studio?
what is abby's dogs name?
which of the mom's worked at the front desk for abby?
which of the aldc dancer's cd skipped in the episode 'night of the living dancers'
which of the aldc dancer's tried out for cheerleading?
which of the dance moms is the known as the door mat?
who does abby call the 'wicked witch of the west'?
peyton replaced _______
who is peyton's mom?
which of the girl's forgot their solo at miami heat wave?
who on the pyramid is usually right before maddie?
what is chloe's middle name?
what is kendall's middle name?
what is maddie's middle name?
what is mackenzie's middle name?
what is nia's middle name?
what is brooke's middle name?
what is paige's middle name?
where is cathy's studio?
has maddie and kendall ever had a duet?
does abby lee miller own the candy apple dance studio?
bonus question! what is cathy's last name?

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