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Can you name these Stephen King things from A-Z?

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Paul Sheldon's 'Number One Fan'
Ms Anderson of Haven, Maine
Sickness in The Stand
The town where 'It' is set
Convinced he has asthma by his mother
Upcoming novel, the second in a new trilogy
First book in the Dark Tower series
Surname of main actor from the film adaptation of King's death row story
Novel also set in the town in Q4
Girl who degloves herself
Nazi war criminal - Not Arthur, but...
Current poster when the hole is discovered
Stephen's State
King's mother
Susannah's real name
Mr Jingles' favourite treat
Ellery ______
First name of King's pen name
Psychic power
Steam Feeders
Discovered buried in the town in Q2
Tells his friends about the dead body
Surname of 'killer prom queen'
King wrote 'Chinga' for this TV show
Jake's wino guide (at first....)
The pulse makes you a...

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