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So my brother walks into my room and says, “A-ha! You are so twisted, sister, it’s Friday night and you’re studying modern English? It’s madness, I tell you.” He grabs my book, and, wham, slams it down on the desk. “Let’s go on a journey. I hear Club Nouveau is reopening after the fire. They say the waitresses are really top notch. Come on, blondie, don’t make me get the police involved, it’s a crime to stay in on a Friday night.” “I guess you’re right, but I feel like a foreigner in that crowded house. Promise me you’ll get me out of there if I get the vapors. I prefer more of a culture club, rather than dealing with simple minds.” I said. “You are such a drama queen! Your boyfriend, Frankie, goes to Hollywood, and you spend all your time listening to those talking heads on the news, or studying. Your test isn’t til Tuesday, let’s go get a taco, or something.” “Ok, but stay away from Lake Shore Drive, they have men at work, there. There’s always some sort of construction in Chicago.” “I don’t like driving around that flock of seagulls, either. Let’s swing out, sister!”
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