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Can you name the names of bones?

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general location bone hint
feet60% of tarsal bone fractures occur here.
skullpaige and emma hit this a lot with a soccer ball
throatbehind the atoms apple
shoulder girdleAKA collar bone
shoulder girdleconnects the humerus with clavicle
pelvisduring childbirth, the ___ bone flexes itself so there is no risk of breaking it.
vertebral columnsmallest of the true vertebrae
armlots of humor
hands20 of them
skullone of two bones forming top of skull
skulltemple part of skull
thoraxthere are fake, real, and floating kinds!
general location bone hint
armswhat makes your funny bone not funny.
legs makes up about 1/4 of a person's overall height also the strongest bone
pelvis used in childbirth
handsrelated to carpal tunnel
skullmain center for the visual center
skullessencial to chew food
armsthe ulna's sister bone- ____ Of a circle
vertebral columnwhen you have back pain its usually this area of the spine
legscontains ACL and MCL
vertebral columnupper to mid of spine
legslikes to fib......
pelvis the uterus is usually hidden behind the _____ until the second trimester
legsthe larger inner bone of the two in the shin

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