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Forced Order
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Ridge push is happening at this boundary
Layer of Earth that makes up the tectonic plates
Weakest earthquakes occur at what boundary
Igneous rock that forms when lava flows into ocean
Causes the movement of the asthenosphere
Theory that explains the causes of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions
Strongest earthquakes occur at what boundary
Area of the US that has the most earthquakes
Ring of Fire is located around this plate
Boundary where two tectonic plates slide past each other
Smallest volcanoes made of explosive, pyroclastic material
This method is used to find the epicenter of an earthquake
Scale that measures the intensity of a volcanic eruption
Slab pull is happening at this boundary
Scale that measures the intensity of an earthquake
Layer of Earth that is putty like and moves about 6 cm/year
Which it more dense, oceanic plate or continental plate
This ocean is currently getting larger
Came up with the theory of contiental drift
largest of the volcanoes formed from lava flows

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