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Chocolate TriviaChocolate CompanyDate Started
An early form of this chocolate was scraped into hot water as a popular alternative to tea after the Boston Tea Party. 1765
This chocolate company was started in the UK by a young Quaker who ground his first cocoa with a mortar and pestle for chocolate drinks. 1824
After immigrating to the US in 1849, this chocolate maker tried a number of money making schemes before striking gold with chocolate.1852
This Swiss chocolate maker invented the 'conche' to make 'melting chocolate'.1879
This US company was created as a candy maker set out to make a sweet chocolate coating for his popular caramels.1894
Although well-known for chocolate, this company started with dairy products for babies in 1866 and didn't experiment with chocolate until much later.1904
This German company set out to 'make a chocolate that fits into the pocket of every sports jacket, doesn’t break, and still weighs the same as a normal long bar'.1912
Chocolate TriviaChocolate CompanyDate Started
This confectioner used his mother's recipes and styles his line of shops after her kitchen.1921
It's first boutique opened in Belgium and today this company remains one of the most stylish chocolate producers.1926
Although starting as a simple candy shop in the midwest, it was their ice cream products that launched this chocolate company to national and worldwide fame.1939
This German/Italian chocolate was created for children and is famous worldwide but only found in speciality shops in the United States.1967
Started in London, this company specializes in organic chocolate bars and its name reflects this.1991
This artisan chocolate company was co-founded by a winemaker.1997
This organic chocolate company cares as much about making a sustainable product as they do about making a yummy one.2001

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