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QUIZ: Can you name the movies that are primarily set at colleges?

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Year Released and CollegeMovieCharacters
1970 - Harvard UniversityOliver Barret IV, Jennifer Cavalleri
1993 - Notre DameDaniel E. Ruettiger, Fortune
1985 - Pacific TechChris Knight, Mitch Taylor
2002 - Holden UniversityDave Goodman, Ethan Dulles
1994 - Harvard UniversitySimon Wilder, Montgomery Kessler
1978 - Faber CollegeEric Stratton, Kent Dorfman
2002 - Coolidge CollegeGwen Pearson, Taj Mahal Badalandabad
1986 - Grand Lakes UniversityThornton Melon, Dr. Diane Turner
1973 - Harvard UniversityJames T. Hart, Charles W. Kingsfield, Jr.
2006 - South Harmon Institute of TechnologyBartleby Gaines, Sherman Schrader
2003 - Harrison UniversityMitch Martin, Bernard Campbell
2001 - Princeton UniversityJohn Nash, Alicia Nash
1984 - Adams CollegeLewis Skolnick, Gilbert Lowell
1994 - Port Chester UniversityJames Andrews, Tom Lawrence
2001 - Harvard UniversitySilas P. Silas, Jamal King
Year Released and CollegeMovieCharacters
2000 - University of IthacaJosh Parker, Beth Wagner
2002 - Atlanta A&T UniverstiyDevon Miles, Dr. Lee
2006 - Marshall UniversityJack Lengyel, Red Dawson
1997 - Harvard UniversityChuckie Sullivan, Sean Maguire
2000 - University of California, BerkeleyRyan Walker, Jennifer Burrows
1998 - Virginia Medical UniversityCarin Fisher, Dean Walcott
2001 - Harvard UniversityElle Woods, Emmett Richmond
1997 - Windsor CollegeSidney Prescott, Randy Meeks
1983 - Open UniversityDr. Frank Bryant, Susan White
1995 - Columbus UniversityMalik Williams, Kristen Connor
2000 - Yale UniversityLucas McNamara, Chloe Whitfield
1988 - Mission CollegeDap, Julian
1984 - Oriel College, OxfordNick De Angelo, Lady Victoria Wingate
2000 - New York UniversityPaul Tannek, Dora Diamond
2002 - Camden CollegeSean Bateman, Lauryn Hynde

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