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Wizarding Sweets
_________ Cakes 
Chocolate ______ 
Fizzing __________ 
Bertie Bott's Every _________ Beans 
Acid _____ 
_________'s Best Blowing Gum 
Ice _____ 
Fever ________ 
__________ Pasties 
____________ Clusters 
__________ Dark Marks 
Sugar _______ 
Wizarding Stores
Madam _________'s Robes for All Occasions 
Twilfit and ___________ 
__________ Owl Emporium 
The _______ Cauldron 
_________ __________'s Ice Cream Parlour 
_________ Quidditch Supplies 
Magical _________ 
________'s Joke Shop 
Madam ___________'s Tea Shop 
_________ Wizardingwear 
Dervish & _________ 
Fluorish and _______ 
Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes Products
_________ Daydream Charms 
_________ Swamp 
_________ Puff 
Ton-tongue _______ 
__________ Nougat 
Skiving _____________ 
Decoy ___________ 
Puking __________ 
_____________ Ears 
'The constipation sensation that's gripping the nation!' 
Peruvian Instant __________ Powder 
_________ Creams 
Hogwarts Students
________ Boot 
Marietta ___________ 
Euan _______________ 
___________ Smith 
Justin ______-Fletchley 
________ Kirke 
_______ Bones 
________ Flint 
Adrian _______ 
_____ Turpin 
Penelope _____________ 
__________ Goldstein 
Wizarding Literature
The Tales of ________ the Bard 
____________ Beasts and Where to Find Them 
Quidditch _________ the Ages 
_________ with Vampires 
The ________ Book of Spells 
One Thousand Magical _____ and Fungi 
Unfogging the _________ 
The Adventures of _______ Miggs, the Mad Muggle 
Most _________ Potions 
The ________ Book of Monsters 
Gilderoy Lockhart's Guide to __________ Pests 
Numerology & __________ 
Conjures Fire 
Reveals human presence 
Causes a buzzing sound, allowing private conversations to be held 
Full Body-Bind Curse 
Creates a jet of water 
Conjures a snake 
Vanishing Spell 
Confundus Charm 
Severing Charm 
Heals relatively minor injuries  
Amplifies a person's voice 
Impediment Jinx 
Potions & Herbology
The other name for monkshood and wolfsbane 
Stone taken from a goat's stomach 
Plant needed to cure petrified people 
'Liquid Luck' 
Love Potion 
Plant that prefers damp and dark environments 
Potion that regrows bones 
Plant that gives one the ability to breathe underwater 
Plant that Neville owns in the 6th book 
Potion Hermione uses to treat Ron's splinched arm 
Potion Hermione uses to soothe Harry's cuts from Umbridge 
Potion that allows the drinker to assume the form of someone else 
Characters in the Book
Wizard that went by the name 'Royal' on Potterwatch 
'Won-won's' ex-girlfriend 
Muggle Studies professor killed by Voldemort 
Hufflepuff prefect in Harry's year 
Previous owner of the watch Mrs. Weasley gave Harry 
Host of the radio broadcasting station, Potterwatch 
Fleur Delacour's date to the Yule Ball 
Ravenclaw who dated Ginny 
Voldemort's puppet Minister of Magic in the 7th book 
Voldemort's mother 
Close friend of Albus Dumbledore who wrote his obituary 
Ancestor of the Potter family that possessed the Invisibility Cloak 
Tortured Neville Longbottom's parents to insanity 
Husband of aforementioned witch 
Sirius's younger brother 
Muggle Studies professor in the 7th book 
DADA professor in the 7th book 
Grabbed Hermione's arm as she Disapparated from the Ministry 
Spy for the Dept. of Mysteries in the 5th book 
Whom Hermione obliviated in the 7th book 
Headmaster of Durmstrang 
Casted Homenum Revelio at the Lovegood's House 
Assigned the job of executing Buckbeak 
Pretended to be Alastor Moody 
Magical Objects
Quill Rita Skeeter uses to conduct interviews 
Item that removes light sources from its surroundings 
Card game in which the cards spontaneously explode 
Type of broom Ron Weasley owns 
A device that makes a whistling sound when someone untrustworthy is near 
A magical stink bomb 
Frisbee that has teeth and snarls 
Game involving stones that spit a disgusting fluid at losing players 
Binoculars sold at the Quidditch World Cup 
Object Draco wanted from Borgin & Burkes 
Object used to store and view memories 
Enchanted item that instantly brings anyone touching it to a specific location 
Charlie Weasley's position 
Oliver Wood joined this team as a reserve player 
Ravenclaw who supports the Tutshill Tornados 
Gryffindor beater, besides Ritchie Coote, in the 6th book 
Captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team who succeeded Marcus Flint 
Draco Malfoy buys the entire Slytherin Quidditch team this kind of broom 
Quidditch tactic Viktor Krum used in the Quidditch World Cup 
Ron Weasley is a fan of this team 
Former Beater for the Wimbourne Wasps 
Madam Hooch used to own this kind of broomstick 
New female Gryffindor Chaser in the 6th book 
Beater on the Holyhead Harpies; former Slug Club member 
Magical Beasts
Dragon that Harry faced in the 4th book 
Voldemort kills this kind of creature to keep himself alive in the 1st book 
Creature in the Triwizard Tournament maze that asks riddles 
Creatures Lockhart brought to Harry's DADA class 
Buckbeak is this kind of creature 
Norberta is this species of dragon 
Aragog is this kind of creature 
Water demon that possess long fingers and a strong grip 
Dumbledore's patronus takes this form 
Creatures that resemble giant scorpions with stingers 
A creature visible only to those who have seen death 
Fluffy is this kind of creature 
Luna Lovegood
Psychedelic spectacles Luna wears 
Luna claimed that Fudge had an army of this kind of creature 
Mr. Lovegood purchased the horn of this creature 
Magazine that Luna's father runs 
Luna's nickname 
'They're invisible. They float in through your ears and make your brain go fuzzy.' 
Luna's patronus 
A creature that is known to infest mistletoe 
Luna wears earrings in the shape of this vegetable 
She has a necklace made out of _________ corks 
Luna distracts everyone to give Harry a chance to escape by pretending to see this creature 
Luna's father's first name 
Harry Potter
Type of wood his wand is made of 
Girl who tries to use a love potion on him 
Muggle school he was originally going to attend 
His date for the Yule Ball 
Witch he saved in the Second Task 
His signature Spell 
His best subject 
His middle name 
The place he was born; his first home 
His godson 
Present from Hagrid that he uses to store items in the 7th book 
Phenomenon that occurs when Harry's and Voldemort's wand compete 
History of Hogwarts
Headmaster of Hogwarts during Tom Riddle's school years 
Member of the Black family and former Headmaster of Hogwarts 
Current professor of Astronomy at Hogwarts 
Former member of the DA that becomes the Professor of Herbology 
Author of Hogwarts, A History 
The knight whose portrait temporarily replaced the Fat Lady 
Resident ghost of the Hufflepuff House 
Nearly Headless Nick's real name 
Time that the Hogwarts Express leave for Hogwarts each year 
Name of the train station in London, England 
Location of Hogwarts 
Hogwarts' motto 
The Weasleys
The Weasley family is referred to as this by pure-bloods 
The name of Bill and Fleur's home 
Bill Weasley's job 
Arthur used to work in this office in the MOM 
Owner of the goblin-made tiara that Fleur wore for her wedding 
Their home is located near this town 
Bill and Fleur's eldest daughter 
Percy's job under Minister Fudge 
Ron and Hermione's son 
The twins changed Percy's prefect badge to say this 
Arthur's patronus takes this form 
Ron's old wand used to belong to which of his brothers 
Name the Speaker
'And they haven't invented a spell that our Hermione can't do.' 
'I was watching him, his nose was touching the parchment. There'll be great grease marks all over it, they won't be able to read a word...'  
'I don't go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me.' 
'He's been poisoned, you daft dimbo! And as a matter of fact, I've always found him interesting.' 
'Anyone can speak Troll, All you have to do is point and grunt.' 
'Is a schoolboy grudge worth putting an innocent man back inside Azkaban?' 
'We're not going through clouds! We'll get soaked, Mad-Eye!' 
'Come, the niceties will be observed.... Dumbledore would like you to show manners' 
'Oh, to be young and to feel love's keen sting' 
'Let us hope that Mr. Potter will always be around to save the day.' 

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