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By 12 kids have developed their consumer behaviour, can recognise ads and think critically about them2001
5 Stages of the child consumer, earlier loyal the less likely to switch1992
Kids in USA spend total $8.9bn/yr (7-12yr olds)1997
By time most kids start school have watched 5000 hrs tv2002
As kids grow, their influence and independence as consumers grows1969
At 8/9 kids don't understand persuasive intent (so unethical to market to them)1996
Kids confuse ads with news items, don't realise kids or athletes are paid1995
People use goods to create, foster and develop their identities1998
Teens are in a state of disequilibrium, use symbolic buying behaviour to assume new status.2006
7 corporate responsibilities to children2010
Even at 3 judge others on brand use. Implications for materialism and eating habits2010
Brands cause social division and 'in groups'2007
Argued that curriculum should be updated to improve kids marketplace social intelegence2002

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