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Ordered White House servants to disappear when he or his wife entered a room
Banned music and dancing from White House parties while inaugerated
First president to ride on a steamboat
Was mauled by a sheep as a child
Had a Fresca fountain installed in the White House
Was the last Whig Party president (and has a cool name)
His nickname is the origin of the term 'OK'
Beat his (failed) assassin with his cane after repeated assassination attemps
Had a flock of sheep on the White House lawn
First president to wear a Nazi uniform (as an actor)
Owned a pet mockingbird named Dick
Has read all 7 Harry Potter books
Wore a size 14 shoe
Introduced the mule to America
Was elected to 4 terms
Coined the phrase 'Good to the last drop'
Was (speculated to have been) gay
Right leg was 3/4 of an inch longer than his left
Was a good dancer, tennis player, and golfer despite having weighed over 300 lbs
Named his favorite hunting rifle 'Death and Destruction'
Won the presidency by only one electoral vote
Middle name was just an initial
Nicknamed 'KidGloves'
Juggled clubs to stay in shape
Died from eating too many cherries and drinking too much milk
Turned down offers to play football for the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions
Was shipped 10 tons of broccoli by protesters after declaring his hatred for it
(While vice president) was often intoxicated from whiskey
Never weighed more than 100 lbs
Only has one testicle
Held seances in the White House
Favorite dessert was prune whip
Went skinny dipping in the Potomac River nearly every day
Had all yellow objects removed from the White House while in office
Had 15 children
Ate a cucumber soaked in vinegar for breakfast every morning
Changed pants several times a day
Uttered 'You Lose' after finding out a bet had been placed on him that he wouldn't say more than 2 words during a dinner party
Only president to serve 2 non-consecutive terms
Married his third cousin
Only lost Massachusetts when re-elected
Had a pet goat named His Whiskers
Arrested for running over an old woman with his horse
Choked on a pretzel while in office

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