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Can you name the four letter words in this Guns N' Roses themed word ladder?

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*Rhythm Guitarist ____ Stradlin*
Lead Singer of Black Sabbath
Exuding Moisture
Drowsy; Half-Asleep
Fall Into a Light Sleep
Assigned Quantity of Medicine
*Lead Singer Axl ____*
Trick Meant to Mislead
(abbr.) Orange New York College
To Quote
*Song: Paradise ____*
Feel Bad For
Apple, Blueberry, & Pumpkin
*Keyboardist Dizzy ____*
To Tear Violently
Payment to a Landlord
Long Violent Speech
Small Flat Boat
27th President of the USA
Cluster of Hair
Volcanic Rock
*Bassist ____ McKagan*
Slang: What's the ____?
A Repeated Melody
Customary Practice
Small Parasite
*Song: Sweet Child O' ____*
(abbr.) Sixtieths of an Hour
Gluttony, Lust, & Envy
Male Offsprings
Second-in-Command Chef
Like Patch Kids
*Albums: Use ____ Illusion I & II*
Nickname for Former Red Sox 3B
'New' State Above Pennsylvania
Bottle Stopper
Commonly On the Cob
Small Metal Currency
Brother of Abel
*Song: November ____*
Sudden Pillaging
Head Coach Andy or Criminal Minds' Spencer
Peruse Words
No Longer Living
Document for Owning Real Estate
Passed On
Well They Didn't Tell the Truth…
*Album: G N' R ____*
Pickle Jar Caps
Young Boys
Young Girl
Lowest Pitched Male Voice
First, Second, or Third
Without Great Effort
*Song: It's So ____*

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