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Common NameScientific NameFamily
Worm SnakeColubridae
Scarlet SnakeColubridae
Black RacerColubridae
Ringneck SnakeColubridae
Eastern Indigo SnakeColubridae
Corn SnakeColubridae
Rat SnakeColubridae
Mud SnakeColubridae
Rainbow Snake Colubridae
Eastern Hognose SnakeColubridae
Southern Hognose SnakeColubridae
Mole KingsnakeColubridae
Eastern KingsnakeColubridae
Scarlet KingsnakeColubridae
Milk SnakeColubridae
Red-bellied Water SnakeColubridae
Banded Water SnakeColubridae
Green Water SnakeColubridae
Northern Water SnakeColubridae
Brown Water SnakeColubridae
Rough Green SnakeColubridae
Pine Snake Colubridae
Striped Crayfish SnakeColubridae
Glossy Crayfish Snake Colubridae
Queen SnakeColubridae
Pine Woods Snake Colubridae
Black Swamp SnakeColubridae
Brown SnakeColubridae
Red-bellied SnakeColubridae
Florida Brown SnakeColubridae
Southeastern Crowned SnakeColubridae
Central Florida Crowned SnakeColubridae
Eastern Ribbon Snake Colubridae
Eastern Garter SnakeColubridae
Rough Earth Snake Colubridae
Smooth Earth SnakeColubridae
Cottonmouth/Water MoccasinViperidae
Eastern Diamondback RattlesnakeViperidae
Canebrake/Timber RattlesnakeViperidae
Pygmy RattlesnakeViperidae
Coral SnakeElapidae
Eastern Glass LizardAnguidae
Slender Glass LizardAnguidae
Mimic Glass LizardAnguidae
Island Glass LizardAnguidae
Green AnolePolychridae
Brown AnolePolychridae
Eastern Fence LizardPhrynosomatidae
Texas Horned LizardPhrynosomatidae
Six-Lined RacerunnerTeiidae
Coal SkinkScincidae
Five-Lined SkinkScincidae
Southeastern Five-Lined SkinkScincidae
Broadhead SkinkScincidae
Mole SkinkScincidae
Ground SkinkScincidae
Mediterranean GeckoGekkonidae
Indo-Pacific Gecko Gekkonidae
Common Snapping Turtle Chelydridae
Alligator Snapping TurtleChelydridae
Painted Turtle Chelydridae
Spotted TurtleChelydridae
Chicken TurtleChelydridae
Bog TurtleChelydridae
Barbour's Map TurtleChelydridae
Alabama Map TurtleChelydridae
Common Map Turtle Chelydridae
Diamonback TerrapinChelydridae
River CooterChelydridae
Florida CooterChelydridae
Box TurtleChelydridae
Slider Turtle Chelydridae
Striped Mud TurtleKinosternidae
Eastern Mud TurtleKinosternidae
Loggerhead Musk TurtleKinosternidae
Common Musk TurtleKinosternidae
Gopher TortoiseTestudinae
Florida SoftshellTrionychidae
Spiny SoftshellTrionychidae
Loggerhead Sea TurtleChelonidae
Green Sea Turtle Chelonidae
Hawksbill Sea TurtleChelonidae
Kemp's Ridley Sea TurtleChelonidae
Leatherback Sea Turtle Dermochelyidae
American AlligatorAlligatoridae

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