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What does Sanka call Yul Brenner?
What is Derice Bannock's fathers name?
Who plays the coach?
Where was Irv when Derice approached him about coaching?
Where did the team get most of their money for the olympics?
What does Sanka kiss for good luck before a race?
Yul Brenner carries a picture of his dream home. What is the picture of?
Which bobsled team is Derice most impressed with?
What sport does Sanka Coffie participate in?
What job did Sanka have on the team?
When Derice and Sanka first met Irv, what was the horse he had bet on?
Who plays Derice Bannock?
How many medals do the Jamaicans win?
What does Cool Runnings actually mean?
What city do the Jamiacans travel to for the Olympics?
What is the name of American coach who gets the Jamaicans a sled?
What did Irv do to cheat when he was on the American team?
Sanka and Derice have a joke that they ask each other when the other is hurt, what is it?
How much money do the Jamaicans bring to Calgary for a sled?
Why does the Jamaicans boblsed crash?

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