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Can you name the Lea Michele A-Z?

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Hint word A-Z
Starred in spring _________________ on broadway (A)
Where was she born in New York? (B)
Rumoured to be dating which co-star?(C)
Used to be roommates with which co-star? (D)
What is her moms name? (E)
Has how many tattoos? (F)
Stars in what hit TV show? (G)
Cats are named after what musical? (H)
Is of ____________ and Spanish descent (I)
Dads religion (J)
Glee quote: 'Gold stars are ________ my thing' (K)
First play (L)
Hint word A-Z
Twitter account (M)
Starred as Elise in what big screen movie? (N)
What song did Lea sing when auditioning for Glee? (O)
Works for what charity speaking out against fur and animal rights? (P)
Glee character's name (R)
What is her real/given last name? (S)
Grew up in _______________, New Jersey (T)
The last name of the costar that was in Spring Awakening with Lea (U)
Starsign (V)
Starred as the original _____________ in Spring Awarkening(W)
First broadway role (Y)
Lea Michele's upcoming animated film (last letter is Z)

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