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Can you name the Villains in Movies that Fall to Death in Ending?

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Type of FallFilmActor/Character
Space Station's shaftIan McDiarmid (Emperor Palpatine)
Empire State Building (also shot)(Creature)
TowerAlan Rickman (Hans Gruber)
Tower (also electrocuted)Sharon Stone (Laurel Hedare)
Tower (also shot)Ronny Cox (Richard Jones)
Church TowerKim Novack (Judy Barton)
CathedralTony Jay (Judge Frollo)*
CathedralRudolf Klein-Rogge (Dr. Rotwang)
CathedralMichael Wincott (Top Dollar)
Cathedral/Helicopter LadderJack Nicholson (The Joker)
Giant Silo/Riddler's LairTommy Lee Jones (Two-Face)
Burned BuildingAaron Eckhart (Two-Face)
Factory's Molten SteelRobert Patrick (T-1000)
Hotel's Exterior ElevatorJohn Malkovich (Mitch Leary)
Satellite DishJohn Lithgow (Earl Blake)
Satellite Dish (also explosion)Sean Bean (Alec Trevelyan)
Type of FallFilmActor/Character
Golden Gate BridgeChristopher Walken (Max Zorin)
Drawbridge's GearworksAl Pacino (Big Boy Caprice)
Gorge of CrocodilesAmrish Puri (Mola Ram)
Cliff (also knifed)Paul Shenar (Jenner)*
Castle Balcony/CliffRichard White (Gaston)*
Cliff (also shot)Josh Brolin (Tom Chaney)
CliffMarc Porel (Don Alberto)
CliffKenneth Branagh (Dr. Loveless)
Cliff (also eaten)Jeremy Irons (Scar)*
Cliff (also boulder-crushed)Frank Welker (Sharptooth)*
CliffFrank Welker (Carnotaur)*
Cliff (also sword)Eleanor Audley (Maleficent, in dragon-form)*
Cliff (also lightning)Lucille la Verne (Queen Grimhilde)*
Seaside CliffMacaulay Culkin (Henry Evans)
WaterfallGeorge C. Scott (Percival McLeigh)*
Type of FallFilmActor/Character
Fighting Arena/SpikeCary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Shang Tsung)
Mount Rushmore (also shot)Martin Landau (Leonard)
Airplane Cabin DoorBruce Payne (Charles Rane)
Airplane WindowGert Fröbe (title character)
Statue of LibertyNorman Lloyd (Fry)
Big Ben Clock-towerVincent Price (Professor Ratigan)*
Tower of London, Gorge, SewerMulti-Incarnations (Professor Moriarty)
Bridge (also hanging)Mark Strong (Lord Blackwood)
Tree (also hanging)Brian Blessed (Clayton)*
Sky-aircraftChristopher Plummer (Charles Muntz)*
Hotel Balcony TowerTom Sizemore (Max Peltier)
LA Convention CenterTom Wilkinson (Juntao)
Balcony (also shot)Mark Whalberg (David)
Stadium (also steam-rolled)Ricardo Montalbán (Ludwig)
Stage TrapdoorWalter Matthau (Dyle/Bartholomew)

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