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Can you name the Horror writers II?

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The Face that Must Die, The Doll that Ate Its Mother, The Grin of the Dark1946-present
Lovedeath, Carrion Comfort, Song of Kali1948-present
The Other, Harvest Home1926-1991
Haunted, Nightside, The Museum of Dr. Moses1938-present
Ur, Rose Madder, Danse Macabre1947-present
Ghost Story, Mystery, Koko1943-present
Grimscribe, Teatro Grotteso, Noctuary, My Work Is Not Yet Done1953-present
Cold Hand in Mine, Sub Rosa, Painted Devils1914-1981
Let the Right One In, Handling the Undead1968-present
Falling Angel, Gray Matters1941-present
Imago Sequence, Occultation1970-present
Night's Black Agents, Our Lady of Darkness, Conjure Wife1910-1992
Shatterday, Angry Candy, Strange Wine1934-present
The Great and Secret Show, Imajica, The Damnation Game1952-present
The October Country, Death is a Lonely Business1920-present
Some of Your Blood, More than Human, Without Sorcery1918-1985
The Long Night of the Grave, Dark Cry of the Moon, The Pet1942-2006
The Ceremonies, Dark Gods1947-present
The Dark Country, Red Dreams, The Death Artist1943-present
The Haunting of Hill House, We Have Always Lived in the Castle1916-1965
Come Fygures, Come Shadowes , Hell House, A Stir of Echoes1926-present
The Visitor, Man from the South, Taste1916-1990
The Land of Laughs, Ghost in Love1949-present
Countess Satan, The Inn, Diary of a Madman1850-1893
A Time of Darkness, Where Human Pathways End, 'The Fifth Mask'1912-1966
Why Not You & I?, In a Lonely Place, The Book of Kane1945-1994
Thurnley Abbey, Railhead1868-1927
The Devil Rides Out, To the Devil a Daughter1897-1997
Terror by Night, The Thing in the Hall, The Man Who Went Too Far, The Bus Conductor1867-1940
The Thing on the Doorstep, The Rats in the Walls 1890-1937
A Nest of Nightmares, Mad House, Nightwitch1952-present
Lost Souls, Wormwood, Are You Loathesome Tonight?1967-present
A Good Man is Hard to Find1925-1964
The Body Snatchers, Time and Again1911-1995
The Shapes of Midnight, The Horror at Chilton Castle1918-1990

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