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Can you name the 4 letter words in this Studio Ghibli themed word ladder??

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Hint4 letter word
*Wizard and owner of a moving castle*
monk's robe
pros and ____
ice cream receptacle
soft drink brand, familiarly
birthday treat
fall tool
type of Japanese pottery
*River spirit who has a dragon form (Spirited Away)*
*Main charcter in The Cat Returns / spring in japanese*
lost a fabled race against the tortoise
Hint4 letter word
give someone a job
*[rung 1]'s heart belongs to a ____ demon*
you need it to ride a bus
*The spirit that wrecks havoc on the bathhouse in Spirited Away has no ____*
walking speed
*[rung 1] is voiced by Christian ____*
chrome dome
thick typface
'____ Digger' by Kanye West
forte of Tiger Woods
*San (Princess Mononoke) is adopted by a ____ *

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