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Can you name the facts about the film 'One Magic Christmas'?

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HintAnswerFun facts!
Year of release
Adult female main character
Actress playing adult female lead
Spouse of above
Son of above
Daughter of above
Actress playing young female lead
Actor who plays Santa Claus
Name of the Christmas angel
Actor who plays the Christmas angel
Young actress making her film debut as Molly
Molly's Christmas present
How the Christmas angel died
How husband dies
Finish the quote: 'Do you believe in _______, Abbie?'
Finish the quote: 'My daddy says you're a _____.'
Name of grocery store boss of main female character
Grandfather's gift to grand-daughter
Song main female character sings in the shower
Filmed in location in which Canadian province?
Amount of money adult female lead gives to spouse for Christmas
Reason for monetary gift
Item lead female buys from desperate man at gas station
First person to whom adult female lead wishes a Merry Christmas

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