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Are you a true Red Velvet fan?

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Under which company is Red Velvet?

When did they debut? (DDMMYY)

What's their official fandom color?

What's our (finally) fandom name?

What's Irene's real name?

What's Seulgi's last name?

What's Wendy's Korean name?

What's Yeri's real name?

What's Joy's real name?

When was Irene born? (DDMMYY for every date)

When was Seulgi born?

Who was born on September 3rd 1996?

And who was born on March 5th 1999?

Wendy was born on February ___ 1994

Did Red Velvet have a debut album? (y|n)


What's their debut song?

Were they an OT5 from the beginning? (y|n)

Who joined them?

When? (date)

What is the most popular ship in RV?

Who's forever alone? ;.;

What's the ship name of the evil maknae line?

What song was RV's first win?

What song did win 9 times?

To which non SM girl group are RV close to? Hint: The other group consists of four members MMM

How many members were a part of SM Rookies?

Who wasn't?

Who was a trainee for seven years?

Which member is from Daegu?

Who recieved the Obama Presidential Award ?

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