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Can you name the Harry Potter Foods and Beverages?

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Wizards and witches can find this popular drink at Madam Rosmerta's pub.
This popular candy will hop out the window if you don't eat it quickly.
This drink is made from Halloween decorations.
Dumbledore finally gets an ear wax flavored ___________ while Harry is in the hospital wing after defeats Professor Quirrell.
A pumpkin-flavored candy that can be found on the trolley aboard the Hogwarts Express
This candy can be found at Honeyduke's, and will literally lift you off the ground.
Dumbledore keeps them in his office, but they have a 'BITE'.
This candy is similar to a lollipop, but it will burn your tongue.
Despite the name, you can't brew a potion in this treat.
This is a variety of candy created by the Weasley twins. They will make you sick, allowing you to skip classes.
This alcoholic beverage can cause a burning sensation in the throat, but is not allowed for wizards and witches under the age of 17.
In the sixth Harry Potter book, Romilda Vane gave Harry this candy, but filled it with a love potion.
Death Eaters might enjoy this candy sold at Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes.
This candy, sold at Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, will enlarge your tongue.
Hagrid makes this treat very often.
This candy resembles a writing utensil.
This candy looks like a peanut, but actually contains a creepy crawler.
This beverage is probably made from Gillyweed.
This can be found at the Leaky Cauldron, and will eat you if you don't eat it.

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