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Can you name the characters of The Big Bang Theory Season 2?

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Theoretical physicist, aka Moon Pie to his Meemaw
Experimental physicist, receives a Snuggie from Penny
Particle astrophysicist, was in People Magazine for discovering a planet
Engineer, threatens to kill Sheldon with a crossbow at the North Pole
Waitress at The Cheesecake Factory, in one episode starts a hair barrette business
Experimental physicist that works in Leonard's lab, supports loop quantum gravity
Penny's boyfriend that meets the guys after they come home from the Renaissance Fair
Plasma physicist, enjoys rock-climbing and ventriloquism
Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard's boss
Surgeon, only one of Leonard's girlfriends that Sheldon finds 'tolerable'
Graduate student, obsessed with Sheldon
Experimental physicist, had a relationship with Penny until she found out he was married
Penny's ex-boyfriend, owes her $1800
Psychiatrist and neuroscientist, Leonard's mother
Winner of Nobel Peace Prize, guest-speaker at a symposium in San Francisco
Actress from The Terminator, rode the same train as the guys
Attractive blonde, moves in above Sheldon and Leonard
Runs the comic book store

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