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Can you name the plays from Barney's playbook in HIMYM?

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Barney goes up to a girl and claims he works for a secret government agency called 'Secret NASA'
Barney claims that he is the bass player of a rock band
Dressed as a genie, Barney claims that his penis, like a magic lamp, grants wishes if one rubs it hard enough
Barney goes to the observation deck of the Empire State Building, and say's a certain 3 words to them until one breaks down in his arms
Barney stops a girl from drinking a drink, and then claims that Ted slipped something in there
Dressed like Ted, Barney says he was left at the altar
Barney poses as a maid at a school in order to see girls in the bathroom
Barney creates several fake websites that make him look like an extremely famous and noble person
An elaborate con where Barney pretends to break down, saying his breakup with Robin was hurting him more than they thought so the gang convinces a girl to go out with him
Barney wears old man makeup, and tell's a woman that 'young Barney Stinson' cannot solve global warming unless she sleeps with him
Barney goes to the Super Bowl, hold's up a poster with his phone number and waits for the texts to roll in
Barney walks up to girl tell's her it's great to see her again and that he's sorry, but he can't remember her name and then tell's her he's Brian's friend
One takes advantage of a distraction in order to strip and surprise one's date with nakedness in the hope of receiving sex by means of humor, pity or sheer spontaneity

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