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Can you choose the character descriptions, concepts, and events featured in Supergirl, Wonder Woman or both?

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Character description or key wordsW, S or BExplanation
She can fly
She can produce concussive force from a distance
She celebrates her Earth Birthdays
She has heat vision
She has x-ray vision
She is an antiques dealer
She is invulnerable to bullets
She loves ice cream
She meets the POTUS
Alien Amnesty Act
arrogant general
atomic cauldron
aunt gives life for her
believes humans are inherently good
blood transfusion
boyfriend says he loves her and flies off, apparently forever
chemical weapons factory
classic tiara
Character description or key wordsW, S or BExplanation
Dr. Maru
Godkiller weapon
Greek mythology
the Guardian
internment camp
L Corp
lasso of truth
lesbian who comes out
lightning makes her stronger
mandatory sexual harassment class
mind wiping
plane crash
Project Cadmus
transmatter portal
White Martians
World War I
yellow sun lamp

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