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QUIZ: Can you name the world's Top 100 tours of 2016 based on ticket sales?

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Gross ticket sales (millions of $)Performer(s)Description
268.3Group - rock, heartland rock, folk rock, rock and roll
256.2Female soloist - R&B, pop
241Group - alternative rock, post-Britpop, pop rock, pop, piano rock
188.4Group - hard rock, heavy metal
167.7Female soloist - soul, pop, blue-eyed soul, R&B
163.3Male soloist - pop, R&B
110.6Male soloist - rock, pop, classical, electronic
97Male soloist - country, country pop, country rock
90.9Group - rock
85.5Female soloist - pop, chanson, soft rock, R&B
84.3Male soloist - hip hop, R&B
84.1Male soloist - country
82.2Female soloist - pop, dance, electronic, rock
76.6Male soloist - rock, soft rock, piano rock, pop
73.9Group - heavy metal
69.5Male soloist - country
66.6Contemporary circus
65.5Group - alternative rock, progressive rock, hard rock, art rock, space rock, electronica
62.9Group - heavy metal
61.4Female soloist - R&B, pop, reggae, hip hop, dance
6.1Group - pop rock, funk rock, dance-pop, blue-eyed soul, neo soul
58.5Male soloist - rock, piano rock, pop rock, glam rock, soft rock, R&B
58.2Female soloist - country
56Male soloist - rock, pop, blue-eyed soul, blues rock, folk rock
55.3Group - Christmas, progressive metal, neoclassical metal, heavy metal, hard rock, progressive rock, speed metal, symphonic metal
53.2Group - country pop, country, Americana, alternative country, folk, bluegrass
53Contemporary circus
52.8Contemporary circus
52.8Male soloist - hip hop
48.9Male soloist - classical crossover, operatic pop, easy listening, Latin pop, opera, pop, vocal, traditional pop
46.9Group - post-punk, gothic rock, alternative rock, new wave
46.2Group - funk rock, alternative rock, funk metal, rap rock
46.1Female soloist - Broadway, jazz, traditional pop, disco
43.2Contemporary circus
Gross ticket sales (millions of $)Performer(s)Description
43.1Male soloist - salsa, pop, Latin pop, freestyle
40.1Group - hard rock, blues rock, rock and roll
37.7Male soloist - pop, Latin pop, dance-pop, rock, urban pop, reggae
37.5Group - pop punk, pop rock, power pop, pop
37.4Male soloist - country, country rock, R&B
37Group - rock, jam band
37Male soloist - rock
36.4Group - country
35.6Female soloist - dance-pop
35.1Group #1 - rock, progressive rock, hard rock, jazz fusion, pop; Group #2 - rock, soft rock, pop, blue-eyed soul
34.9Group - rock, jam, jazz fusion, folk rock, bluegrass, funk rock, pop rock, alternative rock
34.7Female soloist - R&B, pop, Latin, hip hop, dance
34.1Group - southern rock, country, country rock, folk rock
33.9Group - folk rock, neo-folk, alternative rock
33.5Group - rock, hard rock, power pop
33.1Male soloist - soul, R&B, pop, pop rock, soft rock, country, gospel
32.2Group - hard rock, heavy metal, glam metal
32.1Male soloist - classical, classical crossover, waltz, easy listening
31.6Male soloist - country, country pop, country rock, pop rock
31.1Male soloist - progressive rock, psychedelic rock, art rock, ambient, blues rock
31Female soloist - country, country pop, pop, bluegrass, gospel
30.3Female soloist - R&B, pop, hip hop, soul
29.7Male soloist - folk rock, rock, pop, soft rock, blues, country
29.5Contemporary circus
29.4Group - rock
28.9Group - pop punk, alternative rock, punk rock, skate punk
28.8Female soloist - pop, dance
28.1Male soloist - Gulf and Western, country, country pop, folk, easy listening, rock
28Male soloist #1 - rock, pop, new wave, jazz, world; Male soloist #2 - progressive rock, art rock, experimental, worldbeat, pop, pop rock, art pop
27.9Group - alternative rock, grunge, hard rock
27.3Male comedian
26.8Group - alternative hip hop, electropop, indie pop, rock
26.4Male soloist - folk, rock, pop, world
26.2Group - heavy metal, hard rock
Gross ticket sales (millions of $)Performer(s)Description
25.9Male comedian
25.6Group - progressive pop, symphonic rock, art rock, progressive rock, symphonic pop
25.3Female soloist - rock
25.3Group - alternative rock, Madchester, dance-rock
25.1Female comedian
24Contemporary circus
23.9Group - hip hop, alternative hip hop
23.1Female soloist - indie pop, synthpop, folktronica
21.4Male soloist - country
21.3Male comedian
21Group - hip hop, dance; Male soloist - hip hop, rap rock, nu metal, rap metal
20.6Dance show
20.5Group - pop, soul, blue-eyed soul, sophisti-pop
20.2Group - a cappella, pop, R&B, soul
19.7Group - pop, R&B, dance-pop
19.1Male soloist - hip hop, reggaeton, pop
18.5Group - rock, alternative rock pop rock, country
18.5Group - hard rock, blues rock, glam metal
18.4Group - indie rock, electropop, pop, pop rock
18.1Female soloist - pop, electropop, indie pop, trip hop, acid jazz
18.1Group - heavy metal, nu metal, alternative metal
18.1Group - post-grunge, hard rock, pop rock, alternative metal
18Male soloist - country
18Composer/record producer - soundtrack
17.8Male soloist - country, neotraditional country
17.8Group - heavy metal, thrash metal
17.5Numerous artists - hip hop, R&B
17.5Male soloist - folk, blues, rock, country, gospel, Great America Songbook
17.4Female soloist - pop, pop rock, R&B; male soloist - pop, pop rock, R&B
17.1Group - classical crossover, melodic, adult contemporary, folk sacred, bolero, mambo, tango
16.6Group #1 - alternative rock, power pop, pop punk, emo indie rock; Group #2 - pop rock, pop, pop punk, baroque pop, alternative rock
16.5Group of magicians

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