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Size (in square miles)StateExtra Info.
1045smallest state
1955first state
4845lowest point is exactly at sea level
6423obtained as a state by force
7418shaped like an 's'
7838its 'arm' reached out to pilgrims
8969shape like an upside down 'v'
9249shaped like a 'v'
9775largest of the 'small states'
24087contains capital of U.S.
30111this states capital is also its largest city
30865'corner' state
35870holds the _ _ _ _ 500
39598contains capital of the democracy
39732new coach for the university Joker Phillips
40953my home state!!
41200Hannah Montana's home state
43566shaped like an 'L'
44820has 51 miles of coastline on Lake Erie
46914theres a rhythm to spelling this state
47223most populated city in the country is here
4871808-09 college basketball champions
50750first state in alphabetical order
52075has another state's name in its own
53997their football and basketball college teams both win championships two years ago
Size (in square miles)StateExtra Info.
54314great cheese-making state
55593nicknamed 'Land of Lincoln'
55875this state's state bird is the Goldfinch
56809rival of Ohio State Buckeyes
57918the state's state fish is the Largemouthed Bass
66582named after the first president
68679shaped like a frying pan
68898the opposite of happy
68994wild prairie rose is this state's state flower
75898contains Mount Rushmore
77122the Missouri River is this state's lowest point
79617Eagle Mountain is the highest point for this state
81823this state's name is inside another state's name
82168contains th Great Salt Lake
82751best potatoes
96003the 33rd state that was admitted on Valentine's Day
97105a rectangular state
103729part of the four corners
109806'Battle Born' is on the state flag
113642Stephenie Meyer's home state
121365upside down stair shape at the border of Mexico
145556couldnt find anything to put here so... its 145556 square miles
155973has the most Pacific shoreline of any state
261914oil state
570374largest state

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