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Who has made the most money from challenges?He has won $685,543 from the challenge.
Which team was originally supposed to be cast instead of Team Fresh Meat on Battle of the Seasons 2?One of the members of this team got sick before they could make it to the show.
Who has the most challenge appearances as a female?She has 11 challenge appearances.
Who has won the most challenges in a row?He won 4 challenges in a row
Who has gone the longest in between challenge season appearances? He appeared in The Challenge: Invasion 16 seasons after his last appearance.
It took this person the most amount of seasons before finally winning oneIt took him 9 seasons to finally win one.
Who has the most consecutive final appearances?He made it to 6 straight challenge finals
Who has the most elimination wins in one season as a female?Her and her partner Wes won 5 eliminations on Fresh Meat
Who has won the most eliminations in challenge history?He has won 13 eliminations
Who started on the real world and the challenge and eventually became a wwe superstar?WWE SUPERSTAR
Who was the first male pick on Cutthroat?1st pick on Cutthroat
Who popped their breast implant on the ruins?She popped her breast implant when she fell into the water during a challenge
Who was the opponent besides Johnny Bananas that had to go against CT in the infamous backpack elimination?He lasted longer and sent Johnny home
What was the first challenge to have a final that went overnight?This was the first two day challenge
What is the name of the very first challenge?First of its kind

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