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Can you name the artists of these popular rock songs??

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Kill Your Heros, Sail, Not Your Fault
Rope, My Hero, Learn to Fly
Afterlife, Dark Horses, Meant to Live
Remedy, Fake It, Country Song
Bodies, Tear Away, Sinner
Right Here, It's Been Awhile, Fade
Lost in the Echo, Faint, Crawling
Snow, Can't Stop, Under the Bridge
Helena, Sing, Nanana
Word Up, Clown, Freak on a Leash
Walk This Way, Pink, Sweet Emotion
Nightmare, Afterlife, Scream
Lake of Fire, In Bloom, Breed
Tourniquet, Everybody's Fool, Lithium
Date Rape, Santeria, Wrong Way
The Kill, This is War, Kings & Queens
Stricken, Inside the Fire, The Night
Basket Case, Oh Love, Jesus of Suburbia
Decode, Ignorance, The Only Exception
Thnks Fr Th Mmrs, Beat It, Dance Dance
Big Balls, TNT, Thunderstruck
Whole Lotta Love, Kashmir, Black Dog
Lowlife, Bad Girlfriend, Hate My Life
Self Esteem, Pretty Fly, Come out & Play
One, Master of Puppets, Fuel
Hashpipe, Pork & Beans, Beverly Hills
The Cave, I Will Wait, Little Lion Man
Scars, Burn, Kick in the Teeth
Don't Stop, Pumped Up Kicks, Waste
Voodoo, I Stand Alone, Awake

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