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A: Let's start off with an easy one. This character is the daughter of Lord Eddard and had a direwolf named 'Nymeria'
B: This eunuch easily dispatched the brave Oznak zo Pahl
C: This man served King Stannis faithfully until he drank from a goblet of wine containing 'The Strangler'
D: This character is sometimes called '___ Stormborn'.
E: She was the wife of Prince Rhaegar
F: This is a prominent mountain range north of the wall
G: Also known as 'The Mountain'
H: His real name is Walder, but we know him as....
I: He lead Stannis' fleet into disaster at the Battle of Blackwater
J: He is one of Daenerys' bloodriders
K: Another name for those of House Greyjoy
L: Not every Kingsguard member took their vows seriously, but this particular knight outdid the rest by fathering sixteen children on three different women!
M: This character is the jailer of the sky cells of The Eyrie
N: This is the war where Ser Barristan Selmy slew Maelys the Monstrous, last of the Blackfyre pretenders
O: The citadel is in this city, where Maesters go to forge their chains
P: This squire formerly served Ser Lorimer the Belly before finding employment with a man much smaller!
Q: Xaro Xhoan Daxos resides in this city
R: One of Gregor's soldiers, he was known as 'The Sweetling'
S: Another one of Ser Barristan's vanquished foes, this character was the leader of the Kingswood Brotherhood
T: 'Is there silver? Gems? Is there food? Where is Lord Beric? Where did he go? How many men were with him? How many knights? How many bowmen? How many? How many?'
U: The Greatjon and the Smalljon hail from this family
V: Also known as 'The Spider'
W: The battle where Jaime Lannister was captured by the Starks
X: This man left Daenerys a bloodied glove on his last visit to her
Y: This region is east of Qarth and north of the Jade Sea
Z: A fat Dothraki in service of The Goat

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