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The names of the 5 New York mafia families.
The name of the organization set up by Lucky Luciano in 1931 that consisted of top mobsters from around the country.
The title of the second in command of a family.
The title of the third in the chain of command of a family. This person runs a crew.
The title of an advisor to a family boss.
This family leader had an agreement with the U.S. Navy regarding the protection of the New York waterfront during WWII.
The name of the meeting of mob bosses from around the country that was uncovered and busted by New York police in 1957. Named after the New York town in which it was held.
This boss was gunned down while sitting in a barber's chair in Manhattan in 1957.
A member of the Jewish mafia and an associate of Lucky Luciano, he developed the mob's gambling empire and helped establish the National Crime Syndicate.
This boss was known as 'The Prime Minister of the Underworld.' He was shot in the head by Vincent Gigante in 1957 but survived with only a scalp wound.
This is an Italian phrase meaning 'This thing of ours.'
An associate of Meyer Lansky, he was a driving force in the development of Las Vegas. He convinced the mob to invest in the Flamingo Hotel & Casino.
The first name of the original Gambino. He became boss of the Luciano family, changing the family name.
The first name of the original Genovese of the Genovese family.
This mobster was questioned by the U.S. Senate during their televised hearings on organized crime in 1950. He took the 5th Amendment to every question asked.
This mob soldier testified before a Senate committee in 1963 that the mafia did in fact exist. A book based on his memoirs was published in 1968.
The undercover name of Joe Pistone, the FBI agent who infiltrated the New York mob in 1976 in an operation that lasted 6 years and resulted in over 200 indictments.
This crime boss of Louisiana was investigated by the FBI for possible involvement in the JFK assassination.
Al Capone arranged this event in 1929 in which 7 rival gang members were lined up against a wall and machinegunned down in a warehouse in Chicago.
This 'boss of bosses' of the Chicago mob was nicknamed 'The Big Tuna.'
This flamboyant Chicago boss was reputed to have CIA ties, had a long affair with singer Phyllis McGuire, and was shot to death at his house in 1975 while cooking a sausage.
What is the Chicago mafia commonly referred to as?
This Gambino family boss was gunned down in Manhattan in 1985.
What was the name of the steakhouse that the boss in the last question was gunned down in front of?
He took over as boss of the Gambino family after the execution of the boss of two questions ago.
This New York boss could be seen wandering the streets in a bathrobe, faking insanity. He was convicted and incarcerated in 1997.
This longtime friend and mob associate of John Gotti became an FBI informant, helping to convict Gotti.
What 1970 law targeting the mob made it illegal to belong to a criminal organization?
The nickname of Albert Anastasia
The nickname of Joseph Bonanno.
The nickname of Vincent Gigante.
The nickname of Sam Gravano.
The nickname the media gave to John Gotti due to his 'luck' in being acquitted of his crimes.
Who is credited with this quote: 'There are no gangsters in Chicago'?

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