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This long-running prime-time soap opera premieres on ABCJan 12
He is sworn in as the 40th President of the United StatesJan 20
Iran releases 52 American hostages it has held for this many daysJan 20
The first of this classic but short-lived, gull-winged sports cars rolls off the assembly line in Northern IrelandJan 21
This team wins Super Bowl XV Jan 25
This long-time CBS Evening News anchor retiresMar 6
This man replaces the man in last question as primary anchor on CBS Evening NewsMar 9
President Reagan is shot by this man in Washington, DCMar 30
This pope is shot by a Turkish gunman in St. Peters Square in RomeMay 13
This team wins the NBA Championship May 14
This socialist is elected President of France where he holds office until 1995May 21
The first recognized cases of this disease are reportedJun 5
A passenger train falls off the tracks into a river in this nation, killing 800 peopleJun 6
Tom Snyder interviews this notorious criminal on the Tomorrow ShowJun 13
This James Bond film, the 12th installment of the series, premieresJun 26
Ronald Reagan nominates this first female in history to the Supreme CourtJuly 7
Israeli bombers attack and destroy PLO headquarters in this cityJuly 17
Two skyways in the atrium of the Hyatt hotel in this U.S. city collapse, killing 113 and injuring 186July 17
This popular cable TV network is launchedAug 1
Ronald Reagan fires 11,359 people of this profession for ignoring his order to return to work from their strikeAug 5
This country sends military aircraft to intercept two U.S. fighter jets over the Gulf of Sidra. The U.S. jets shoot down the intercepting aircraftAug 19
This man is convicted for the murder of John Lennon Aug 24
This musical act performs a free concert in New York's Central Park that draws an audience of half a millionSept 19
The Rolling Stones begin a tour in support of this album, at JFK Stadium in PhiladelphiaSept 25
This passenger jet aircraft debutsSept 26
This Egyptian president is assassinated during a parade in his home countryOct 6
This man is elected to replace the assassinated president in the previous questionOct 14
A Soviet submarine runs aground outside a military base in this countryOct 27
This team wins baseball's World Series Oct 28
This daytime soap opera couple marry in the highest rated hour of daytime television history Nov 18
This single by Olivia Newton-John hits #1, where it remains for 10 weeksNov 21
Muhammad Ali loses to this man in what would be Ali's final fightDec 11
Israel effectively annexes this militarily strategic regionDec 14
This pop song, by a female singer, is named Billboard's song of the yearEnd of Year
This album by REO Speedwagon is named Billboard's top album of 1981End of year
This is the top grossing movie of 1981, taking in $209 millionEnd of Year
This rookie pitcher wins the National League Cy Young awardEnd of Year

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