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Cassie's father is?
Elder and former leader of her coven, garndmother to Cassie.
Turns out to be Cassie's half-sister.
In what town does the show take place?
The coven hunting Cassie is named?
Who does Diana leave town with at the end of the series?
Who kills Isaac after being possessed by demons?
Jake used to hook up with?
According to Ethan, Adam and Cassie's relationship is?
These are used to kill witches.
Jake was working for Isaac as this, despite being a witch himself.
Why was Heather Barnes spelled into a catatonic state?
Blackwell was originally what name?
How can Charles and Dawn still use magic?
The family crystals combine to make this.
Each family has one of these books.
Callum sells this drug to Melissa.
Who was Diana dating at the beginning of the series?
Many of the circle parents died in what tragedy?
Who moved into town at the beginning of the series?
Who betrayed Amelia and John's coven?
What did John Blackwell drop in the boatyard the night of the fire?
Secret Circle is a show about?
Melissa's boyfriend/Jake's brother, Nick, was killed by?
Elder who supposedly died of a heart attack but was really killed by his daughter-in-law.
How many bloodlines form the coven?
What can't the coven do after they bind the circle?
Cassie's mother is?
Lee was using Faye to wake up who?
Who kissed Cassie during Truth or Dare?
Official name of the organization Isaac ran.
Ethan owns what business?

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