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Forced Order
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Oldest Member?
Number of members?
How many Brit awards do 1D own?
Which member wrote Stockholm Syndrome?
Name of their 3rd headlining tour?
How many UK no1's have the band had?
Which member is from Mullingar?
Youngest Member?
Place they came on the X Factor?
Their 4th single?
Complete the lyric 'You and me got a whole lotta-'
Liam's instagram name?
Ed Sheeran wrote which song on the album Four?
Harry Styles wrote 'Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart' for which artist?
When did Zayn Malik leave the band?
Which member assisted Simon Cowell on the X Factor 2015 as a guest judge?
1D were the opening act for which band on their Better with U tour in 2012?
Who got a fake tattoo on their bum live on A League of Their Own?
In what year did the boys have the Comic Relief single, One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)?
What is the name of the band's 5th album?

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