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Forced Order
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We all choose our tribe. It's that need to belong. To live within boundaries. 'Cause it's scary on the outside; on the fringes.
Who keeps their rotten tomatoes? Who looks in the salad cooler, sees tomatoes on the turn and thinks, “Oh no, no. I'll hang onto those in case some pedos move in opposite”.
Ladies and gentlemen, there's been a change to tonight's billing. In three minutes I'm gonna kill everyone in this room.
Well, the thing about boy bands is it's all about image, isn't it? I mean behind closed doors they can be dressing up as Girl Guides, snorting coke, **** swans.
I want to scare him. To make him cry and beg and scream. It's not just about justice, it's more jagged than that. Is that wrong?
Being human means being mortal. It means dying. You can't rob people of that.
Since when did assassinating vampires become part of the brief?
My internet password is password1. I'm indifferent about all competitive sports. And I prefer lager to beer. I don't understand fishing—What is fishing?—I'm scared of cancer.
He smiled at me and took me in his arms. He said I was his bride in glory. And the world was all sparkles and gold.
If we're really going to execute an amnesiac psychiatric patient like we're the governor of shitting Texas or something then we should all have a vote. And I didn't get my vote.
It was nothing really. Just a small good deed in the darkness. But fate is always playing a long game.
You can't cherry pick the aspects of faith that appeal to you. If you believe in God's miracles you must believe in Satan's.
Once the curtain was drawn and I'd seen the true nature of nature, I realized that these nightmare creatures had permitted us to mind the shop. The monsters were merciful.
We were like the world's gayest ninjas!
You were the love of my long life.
You're gonna be killed by a werewolf. A wolf-shaped bullet. Bang!
So. What have we got left to look forward to? Us refugees. The flotsam and jetsam of death. Maybe, if we still deserve such a thing as mercy, we find each other.
You want retaliation? I'll show you retaliation.
Oh, your face. This must be really confusing. Let me explain. Before I died I had this one odd last thought, and now I'm going to make it yours.
Hang the DJ! That tune came out in 1990! Sorry.
Look what happened to my cousin. She got all matey with that scuba diver, next thing you know she's got a condom, full of heroin, shoved up her special place.
It's coming.
I've always wanted to do it with a porter.
You're crazy. You're a teen wolf.
We've salvaged what we can, but there's about ten bin bags of crap and wreckage stashed in my bedroom. I'm sensing a trip to IKEA. And you know my feelings about that.
They never tell you... you see, if you kill someone and get away with it... you're bulletproof. You're a god.
How noble of you to take on the curse of immortality so that your friends could wither and decay in hospitals and old people's homes.
You touched a boob? Be honest with me, Adam. have you ever even touched a boob? Because I have! Loads!
I should be married to David Bowie.
Take a drink. Only alcohol tonight. None of the hard stuff I'm afraid.

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