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Alpaca Trivia
Where did alpacas originate?
What is one type of gaseous medium?
'F*cked Up Llama' (as seen on YouTube) denotes what?
What score, body condition wise, is recommended during pregnancy?
What is the diameter of the uterine horn?
______ - The act of breeding stimulates ovulation
Where are 97% of pregnancies established in an alpaca?
What is the most common type of stress seen in an alpaca?
Where were alpacas domesticated?
What is the main part of an alpaca's diet?
Is grain a supplement?
What hormone causes 'receptive behavior?'
Where does the total protein level come from in a camelid diet?
What three things do we look for in sperm quality?
What is one type of dense 'zone?'
Alpaca Trivia
Where is the starting reference point for ultrasounds?
What's another name for an ultrasound?
What are the dimensions of the ovaries?
What hormone is produced by the corpus luteum?
When do we transrectally examine an alpaca
What is one normal inhabitant of the vagina?
Where does fertilization occur in an alpaca?
At what length during gestation can you see a heartbeat on an ultrasound?
What is the main diet of a cria for the first three months of life?
What type of lube is used for internal exams?
Name two types of coupling mediums...
An injection of ______ aborts a pregnancy.
Alfalfa and clover are not tolerant of which two things?
When do we transabdominally examine an alpaca?
What is one natural reduction method?

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