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Can you name the athletes who had their careers cut short due to injuries, illness, or death?

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WNBAShe was diagnosed of lung cancer and later died in August
NHLAfter winning the Stanley Cup in '97, he was paralyzed when his limo crashed into a tree
NFLHis leg was fractured after being tackled by Lawerence Taylor
NBAAfter losing the NBA title to Michael Jordan and the Bulls, he received word that he was tested HIV-positive and went on a five year break
NHLHe had been battling health issues including Hodgkin's Lymphoma and went on a three year hiatus.
NFLHis leg injury against the Bengals ended his football career
NBAHis repetitive number of ankle injuries hindered his performances
NHLAfter scoring an OT goal to clinch the Stanley Cup he would die in a plane crash
NBAAfter being drafted by the Celtics, he had died of cocaine overdose
NBAThis New Jersey Net died in an automobile accident in 1993
NBAHe collapsed during a game against Charlotte and died months later of a heart attack
MLBAfter his 3,000th hit, he perished when his plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean
MLBStruck by a life-threatening disease, he opted out of baseball considering himself the luckiest man on the face of the earth
NCAA BasketballStruck by a heart attack, he collapsed during the game and died minutes later

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